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27 August 2019

BisB Launches End-to-End Mobile Account Opening Through Face ID Authentication

Revealing a New Brand Ambassador for BisB Innovations

Earlier this March 2019, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) a Bank that has now become an icon for simplification and innovation, celebrated its 40th Year Anniversary in ground breaking style launching a tech-driven exclusive event entitled #BisB, successfully delivering a stimulating session that was led by three members of the Bank’s executive management team at the Isa Cultural Centre, where the Bank’s key milestones and successes stories were announced. #BisB closely followed on the heels of launching its digital branch in the Kingdom in breathtaking speed, marking a fully-fledged digital branch which enables customers to perform a multitude of transactions without the need for human intervention, such as cardless cash withdrawal, checkbook printing, and instant card issuance through the use of a dedicated self-service kiosk, in addition opening accounts, applying for financing, or record management, providing the convenient option of speaking a bank representative through a video screen.

image-pr-2.jpg During #BisB, the Bank revealed one announcement after another in tow, where Mahmood Qannati, the Head of Corporate Communications, revealed the Bank’s new brand and logo, Ms. Dalal Al Qais, General Manager of Retail Banking revealed all of the Bank’s latest innovations, including Finance Top up in 4 minutes, the newly launched abilities of the Bank’s mobile application “BisB Digital”, as well as the Cardless Cash facilities available at any of BisB’s ATM’s to name a few. The bold new direction the Bank had planned for the future was revealed during the event, where BisB’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hassan Jarrar, delivered an inspirational speech which highlighted how far the Bank had come in the past 40 years, and the Bank has certainly delivered on its promise for innovation since then, especially after its most recent revolutionary announcement shortly after Eid Al Adha.

Recently, in trailblazing style, the Bank publicized its latest announcement digitally, broadcasting the news on the Bank’s YouTube channel which was shared with the members of the local media, complete with a countdown teaser leading up to the event. On 26 August 2019, the YouTube channel went live revealing the Bank’s CEO, while highlighting the efforts exerted by the Bank aimed at “Simplifying money matters through innovation”.

During the broadcast, Hassan Jarrar promptly announced the Bank’s latest digital milestone; end-to-end account opening online, in an impressive 5 minute window, declaring, “As of today, in less than 6 minutes, any new customer that wants to open an account with BisB can do so using real time face verification. Simply put, they only need to download the BisB Digital app from their smartphone. That’s right, we’ve eliminated the hassle of visiting a branch. That’s basically the time it takes to prepare your morning cup of coffee.”

“This truly changes everything. Because the entire process, from A to Z, will be fully automated. Essentially, this means zero paperwork, zero hassle, no human interaction required,” he added before hinting at the Bank’s new brand ambassador that would be in charge of announcing all of the Bank’s future innovations. Ms. Dalal Al Qais then demonstrated how customers can open their own accounts in the presence of the 25 year old Bahraini Social Media Influencer, Omar Farooq.

The final portion of the YouTube Broadcast featured Dana, the Bank’s digital employee, who took Omar Farooq on a futuristic behind-the-scenes tour of “Dana’s digital world” enlightening the Bahraini Social Media Influencer on the story behind the Bank’s promise.The Bank’s YouTube announcement truly cements their reputation for innovation, and inclinations to be bold and think differently.

Omar Farooq, BisB’s official new Brand Ambassador and Bahraini Social Media Influencer, has emerged as leading influencer and industry disruptor in his own right; taking the Social Media scene by storm transforming from a wild child to an award-winning photographer and budding filmmaker. As BisB’s new brand ambassador, Omar will be announcing all of the Bank’s upcoming innovations and digital solutions.

To watch the Bank’s digital YouTube announcement is available to watch today, simply visit BisB’s YouTube channel via the following link, or visit the Bank’s Instagram account @bahrainislamicbank