BisB Digital

BisB Digital
BisB Digital Introduced Exclusive Services from PayPal

BisB proudly announces adding exclusive PayPal services to BisB Online and BisB Mobile.

Visit or download BisB Mobile from App Store or Google Play to benefit from the following services:

  • Setting up a new PayPal account
  • Integrating your existing PayPal account to our online services
  • Topping up your PayPal account
  • Withdrawing from your PayPal account and transferring money to your BisB account

Our new and enhanced BisB Digital Platforms will improve your online experience and allow you to conduct all your transactions safely and securely, anywhere, anytime.

"BisB Digital" is an umbrella term that refers to the following group of Digital Services offered by BisB: Online Services, Mobile App, and BisB Video.

BisB Digital Platforms give you access to a range a range of convenient services on your laptop, mobile phone and at the new BisB Video tellers, available in our Digital Branch.

Register or Sign in at or download the BisB Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

BisB Digital - New Retail Banking Features:
  • Send and Request Money: You can send or receive cash from other BisB accounts without any beneficiary setup. Simply Sign in to BisB's Digital Platforms to generate a unique code that needs to be exchanged with another BisB customer for the transfer to take place.
  • Local and International Transfers: You can transfer money locally through Fawri or Fawri+ or internationally to any recipient in any currency.
  • Goals Account and Budget Management: This new feature lets you to set financial goals with automated monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual contributions to achieve your goal. You can receive regular updates on your contributions and the performance of the account via email or SMS. A great way to save for your dream car, home or
  • Card Replacement and Safeguarding: You can now request a replacement card online should your card be lost or stolen. This features gives you additional control to safeguard your card by allowing you to block transactions in different countries based on the your discretion.
  • Credit Card Payment Set up: Use this feature to easily manage your credit card payments. You can select the amount to be paid and payment method i.e. outstanding balance, minimum amount due, fixed to be determined every month, and more.
  • Card less Cash Withdrawal: This unique feature lets you withdraw cash from any BisB ATM without your card. You simply need to visit any Digital Platform to generate a unique code to be used at the ATM for the cash to be disbursed.
  • Multiple Fawateer Payments: You can now process multiple bill payments in one go. Set up your Fawateer payments once and disburse at any time in one easy click or tap.

Register or Sign in to BisB Digital Platforms today to enjoy safe and secure banking, anywhere, anytime.

We will soon be launching BisB Online and Mobile App for Corporate Customers, stay tuned.

BisB Online Services

Enjoy fast and simple transactions anywhere, anytime using your computer.

Register or Sign in to BisB Online Banking Services at

BisB Mobile App

Experience secure and easy management of your finances, on the go, through your smartphone with the BisB Mobile App. Register and Sign in to BisB Mobile with your smartphones fingerprint or facial recognition features.

Now available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

BisB Video Tellers

Stay tuned for the newest addition to the BisB Digital Branch, the BisB Video Teller. This platform enables customers to complete any banking transaction outside of branch working hours.