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3Feb 19

The 3 Things That Makes BisB The Most Innovative Islamic Bank in Bahrain

On the heels of bagging yet another award for “Most Innovative Islamic Bank for 2018” at the International Finance Magazine’s Gala Dinner held at the glitzy Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai, Mahmood Qannati, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at BisB was asked to share some insights of the magic that happens at BisB which lead up to them winning such an accolade.

Q: What 3 Things Makes BisB the Most Innovative Islamic Bank in 2018?

A: Well, if I had to choose 3 things, it would have to be the following

1. A Culture of Innovation at the Workplace:  At BisB, we aim to instill innovation in all that we do, whether it is in our approach to our daily tasks at work or in working with one another across the various teams and departments at the Bank. We are driven by passion and pride ourselves on working creatively and fostering thought leadership whether it’s at the Bank’s branches, financial malls, or Headquarters.

Last year, we launched an in house innovation lab fitted with a line of features aimed to create an innovative work environment that inspires creativity and enable our employees to brainstorm new ideas in a creative space. We have equipped the lab with various new technologies enabling to test pilot new products before we launch them to the market.

2. Working Towards a Common Cause:   We have been working hard and channeled our efforts and strategies to drive digitization in the financial industry. Developing the BisB Digital App was a milestone achievement for the Bank, we were also the first Bank to partner with PayPal, all our financial products and solutions are deployed based on the question: “How can we be different? What do our customers really need?”

3. Continual Learning: At each and every department at the bank, our process is based on a mindset of continual learning and prioritizing re-invention as a way of doing business. To foster this mindset, we have launched various programs dedicated to our employees to contribute to their professional development, such as our ‘Women in Leadership’ program, aimed at investing in our female talent by proving them with the tools and knowledge to pursue senior roles in the workforce, as well as various summer internship programs.

To make sure we are constantly improving, we periodically take a look at all of the Bank’s products and services, at the way we do business, and make sure that we are always innovating and developing.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add ?

A: Honestly, none of these awards would be possible if it wasn’t for all the team work, dedication and efforts of all our employees at the Bank; this marks the fourth win for BisB in 2018, and I couldn’t be more proud.

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