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28Dec 16

CEO Meets Press & Media Delegates & Recognizes their Efforts in Covering Global Conferences in Bahrain

Being as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BisB & a representative of banking sector, as well as being one of the key speakers of the sessions at the World Islamic Banking Conference, Mr. Hassan Jarrar met with delegates of the press and TV channels (domestic & global), on beside his active participation in the sessions of the 23rd World Islamic Banking Conference, which was held on 5-7 December 2016 at ART Rotana, Amwaj Island.

Mr. Jarrar held several press & TV interviews with representatives of the local media, and delegates from the Chinese Press, including the China Economic Weekly, the Xinhua News Agency and the China Finance.

Mr. Jarrar also held similar interviews with delegates from the Gulf Press, including the CPI Financial and the Arab News magazines, in addition to holding TV interviews with the Sky News Channel and Dubai TV Channel.

During his press & TV interviews, Mr. Jarrar tackled a number of key issues related to the banking sector and the economic situation in the Gulf and the world, in addition to speaking about the repercussions of oil price decline and its impacts on local and global economy, and the significant role of governments and the private sector in limiting these adverse impacts.

Mr. Jarrar also spoke about the Islamic banking sector and its significant role in promoting the economic growth, and the new strategy of the Bahrain Islamic Bank (BiSB) and its major significance in promoting work systems towards achieving the aspired goals and expectations of the bank's shareholders and customers.

Mr. Jarrar concluded his statements by appreciating the efforts of the press & TV delegates in covering the global activities taking place in Bahrain, including World Islamic Banking Conference, which was held with the patronage and support of the Central Bank of Bahrain and several partners of the Islamic banking sector.

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