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24Jan 17

Bahrain Islamic Bank Launches Banking Services to its Customers of Specific Needs at its Financial Mall in Hamad Town

In pursuance of the directives of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), and in line with the Bank’s development plans which aim at providing services and products to all segments of the customers, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has announced the launch of banking services to its Disabled Customers at its Financial Mall in Hamad Town.

Commenting on this launch, Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Turki, BisB Retail Banking Services General Manager, said: “The launch of our banking services to our Disabled Customers springs from our attention to, and respect for, this segment, being an important and inseparable part of the society, and out of our keenness to provide banking services and products which meet the requirements and needs of our valued customers.”

Detailing the new banking services, Mr. Turki said: “We chose our Financial Mall in Hamad Town for the maiden launch of our banking services to people of specific needs because the Financial Mall incorporates utilities and facilities which would ensure convenience and safety to our customers of this category, mainly: (1) the priority to get the service, because the customers will not wait to receive the service like other customers, but they will be accorded a priority to get the service of all banking transactions, whether their transactions with the tellers or with customer services desks, (2) the terms and conditions of all banking services are available at the Mall in the “Braille” language, as this advantage will serve blind customers, (3) some of the Financial Mall’s employees are conversant with the use the sign language, (4) the entry and exist points of the Financial Mall and the water closets attached to it are equipped to accommodate their use, (5) there are suitable Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) which suit their specific needs, in addition to the available car parks for them.”

Mr. Abdul Rahman Turki concluded his statement, saying: “The launch of our banking services to our customers of specific needs at Hamad Town Financial Mall in Hamad Town is only the first step, which will be followed by other serious and well-studied initiatives to expand the scope of the banking services to this category of the society. This is what we will achieve in the near future, in line with the Bank’s development plans and to meet the needs of this group of our valued customers.”

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