Prepaid eCard

Prepaid eCard

eCard is the electronic payment card from BisB. The eCard offers you unprecedented flexibility and user-friendliness in completing online transactions. With pre-paid and a preset (credit limit enabled) versions of the card, you can choose the card that is ideal for you and have high security on your online spending. With your BisB eCard you can also complete payment transactions over the telephone.

The eCard is supported by BisB’s highly secure online banking network. Through BisB’s easy to use online banking portal you can top-up your online account instantly, allowing you the flexibility to use the card at any time you require.

The Prepaid BisB eCard allows you to transfer any amount of money you choose, into your eCard. You may use the amount in your eCard for online and telephone transactions.

Once the amount is over you may directly transfer money from your BisB Account to your BisB eCard through BisB Internet Banking Portal. You may also walk in to any one of our branches and refill your BisB eCard. Cash will be recognized in the same day.

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For inquiries or to subscribe call 17 51 51 51

Benefits of BisB eCard
  • Instant deposit and online access to eCard account details through the BisB Internet Banking Services at
  • Instant payment and top-up using other banks’ ATM cards through the Benefit Payment Gateway.

Click Here to view the terms and conditions of the Prepaid eCard.


BisB eCard is available to Bahraini and non Bahraini nationals.

The general criteria of obtaining a Prepaid eCard from BisB is detailed below:

  • Age of Applicant: 15 years of age at the time of application.
Required Documents

To apply for Prepaid eCard, applicants must provide the following documents:

  • Two valid Identifications.
  • Filled and signed application form.

Is there any association for payments through Paypal?

Yes, BisB cardholders can send and receive payments through Paypal.

What is the process of card renewal?

All BisB cards are automatically renewed 2 months prior to the date of expiry and the renewed cards are delivered to the cardholder’s address.
* Note: Please ensure you maintain an updated profile with the Bank.

What are the channels of payment?

  • Through cash or cheques at any BisB branch.
  • Through the Direct Debit Service from your BisB account (Applicable to post-paid eCards only).
  • Through BisB’s Mobile Banking System.
  • Through BisB’s Internet Banking Services or the Benefit Payment Gateway Service using other banks’ ATM cards at

Are transfers possible from BisB eCards to saving accounts?

Yes, but any balance may only be acquired over the counter at any branch or by calling 17515151 for a fee of BD3.

Should there be no account registered under the name of the cardholder at BisB, a manager cheque will be issued at a fee of BD5.

What is the timeline required for eCard accounts to be deposited at online transfers?

eCard account balances are instantly deposited for any online transfer.
*Terms and Conditions Apply