SMS Notification Service

SMS Notification Service

SMS Notification Service provides you with instant SMS notifications every time you use your BisB Credit Card.

How does this service work?

As a BisB Credit Cardholder, your card is automatically enrolled into this service. Every time you use your BisB Credit Card for any purchase or cash withdrawal, you will be instantly notified with an SMS from BisB.

What are the advantages of the SMS Notification Service?
  • Free of charge; however your telephone operator may charge you to receive SMS, especially when roaming abroad. Please check with your provider.
  • Instant notification each time you use your Credit Card, whether in Bahrain or abroad.
  • Helps in identifying if any fraudulent transaction has been made using your BisB Credit Card.
  • Allows keeping track of your card usage.
  • Allows you to keep track of your account balance.
What are the transactions that I will be notified about?

You will receive SMS notifications:

  • For all purchases made on your credit card.
  • When your credit card statement has been issued and what your minimum due, outstanding balance and due date is.
  • For all cash advance on your transaction.
  • When you make a credit card payment.
  • When you have used 75% of your limit and what your available credit limit is.
  • Plus you will be notified on all transaction on your supplementary Cards.

Call us on 17 515 999 to ensure we have your updated mobile number.

For inquiries, contact us by email or call on 17515151

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