Structured Financing

Structured Financing
What is BisB Corporate Structured Finance? 

BisB's specialized team has been in the forefront of creating sophisticated financial instruments and securities that transform the risk characteristics of underlying pools of individual credit obligations. These instruments are designed with the strictest adherence to Shari'a laws to ensure client satisfaction. Success in this dynamic field requires both highly developed analytical skills and the ability to think creatively. At BisB, we believe that structured finance is both art and a precision science and our team allows for a harmonious blend between the two.

We provide an expansive range of financial and investment services from asset securitization to financial restructuring, from underwriting Sukuks and shares placement to financial advisory and financial risk management. We also function in an advisory capacity, with our experienced team members providing competent and sound consultancy services.
We offer the following services:

  • Securitization transactions.
  • Fixed income securities.
  • Receivable generating assets.
  • Asset-backed securities.
  • Asset-backed receivables.