Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing
What is BisB Corporate Real Estate Finance?

BisB offers world class financing options for businesses looking to invest in commercial real estate. Our real estate finance team, as part of our world class banking practice, is fully versed in comprehensive Shari'a compliant range of financing techniques and structures for the real estate market. Our breadth of experience stemming from a specialized team has enabled us to give competent advice on both the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle.

At BisB, our clients can look forward to:

  • Expert advice and consultancy on a range of different Shari'a compliant real estate financing options.
  • Highly competent team of real estate and financial professionals who bring a wealth of experience to BisB.
  • Flexible platforms to allow our clients to design packages best suited for their requirements.
  • Comprehensive Shari'a Compliance.