To further facilitate payments, BisB has partnered with Benefit to introduce the first National eWallet Payment System, BenefitPay.

It is a method to streamline payments in the Kingdom of Bahrain and allows customers and merchants to transact without the use of cash or cards safely and securely at anytime, anywhere simply through a mobile application that can be downloaded from official stores.

Why are we providing BenefitPay?

BenefitPay is a safe and secure way to pay anytime, anywhere. It is convenient for both the seller and the buyer and encourages spending within the national economy.

With BenefitPay, customers can pay without physically visiting merchants by scanning a QR Code that merchants generate through the application.

What are the benefits of BenefitPay?
  • Enables small merchants and virtual CR holders to accept electronic payments.
  • Merchants can use any smart device to install the application and start accepting payments.
  • Merchants have full control of managing their branches and terminals.
  • Merchants will have access to reconciliation reports.
  • Merchants can accept payments at any point in the branch.
  • A solution to the CBB mandate of disabling the double swiping practice by merchants as they can now have full access to essential customer information through the application.
How can I acquire BenefitPay as a Merchant?
  • Fill in the below form and provide the required documents.
  • Visit any official application store and download the merchant BenefitPay application after receiving an approval to join the program from BisB.
  • Setup your account and start generating QR codes to accept payments.

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